Catering Mission

Here at Kalamazoo College Dining Services, we are not just about creating a meal that leaves students feeling satisfied. The dishes that we cater are also designed to bring students together. For us, it’s not just a matter of having our guests discovering one delicacy after another, but to boost the students ability to interact, and make new connections at every turn. We have always believed that any company can calculate for you the cost of food per plate, but to represent the importance of an event is a tradition that Kalamazoo College Dining Services has grasped time and time again in collaborations with its student guests.

However, our job goes beyond providing for out student diners: we also graciously extend our services to any member of the community. The key ingredient to any performance, whether we are talking about catering or production in the kitchen, is the ability to cater to our clients needs and wants. Flexibility is key in meeting our clients expectations when planning their event, and we are here for them every step of the planning process leading up to their event.

Catering Menu & Request Form

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