Serving You Safely

Certainty During Uncertainty

As the novel coronavirus(COVID-19) continues to disrupt daily life and business operations around the globe, we want to assure you that we are here for you charting a roadmap of preparation and sound strategies to safely serve your diners.

We are fortunate that our founding pillar of offering the utmost flexibility has enabled us to adapt quickly during this crisis. We have program engineered to accommodate COVID-19 safe service protocols to meet your needs.

Our intent is that you will feel confident and assured that we are taking all possible precautions to do our part in minimizing the spread of the virus, keeping our employees and your diners safe, and still offering an exemplary dining experience that you have come to expect with fresh high quality food.

Creative Dining COVID-19 Task Force

To safely serve your diners, the Creative Dining COVID-19 Task Force researches, digests, and stays informed of the most recent information, advice and direction from these top authorities:

  • State and Local Government Health Code and Executive Orders
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • National Restaurant Association

In addition to consulting expert organizations, we’ve leveraged our 30 years in the hospitality management business and the expertise of the Creative Dining executive team with experience leading Fortune 500 companies through crisis, to formulate the best plan for food safety and public health.

We consolidated all of this information into the Creative Dining COVID-19 Operational Response Playbook. Your K Dining Leadership team is using this playbook as the manual of standard operating procedures to effectively lead their dining program in compliance with local and state regulations(including your state’s phased approaches to re-opening) and with consistent expert advice.

Safety and Expectations

Our operational units are unwaveringly committed to meeting and exceeding set expectations that make your diners feel confident that they are eating food that’s been safely handled and prepared by healthy and careful employees.

We defined key safety goals and standards as well as options to help meet those expectations in each of the key areas of hospitality at your location:

  • Heightened Sanitation
  • Employee Health & Training
  • Social Distancing
  • Program Review
  • Detail Operational Standards
  • Supply Chain
  • Focus on Food & Service

Heightened Sanitation

Throughout your organization from the front entrance to the back dock, we will minimize the spread of illness through upgraded cleaning and disinfecting practices to ensure customer and employee health and safety.

All Creative Dining managers, persons in charge and key team members are required to be ServSafe certified. We are performing pre-service sanitation audits, additional training on food safety practices, probe thermometer calibration, health monitoring, proper use of personal protection equipment, and intensive disinfection standards for front of the house and back of the house.

Employee Health & Training

Through effective training on personal hygiene and food service sanitation measures, as well as daily screenings our employees are educated, prepared, and committed to stay home if they are ill.

Our employees follow heightened sanitation protocols to minimize the spread of illness between employees and guests.

Social Distancing

Protocols are in place to assure that state-specified group-size limitations and social distancing recommendations are followed. Workspaces, seating areas, and the customer queue will each reflect best practices set by state and federal laws and expert organizations like the Centers for Disease Control.

Specific measures that provide social distancing between guests and servers in food areas are being taken. We are leaning into more built-to-order food items while suspending self-serve options where hand utensils contact can contaminate food.

Program Review

Your food service leadership team will formally assess, adjust and in some cases resume dining operations according to heightened standards based on our new reality, until a time that the pandemic is no longer a public health threat. Even when the threat has lessened, your team will determine which protocols will remain as the standard operating procedure for your dining program.

Detailed Operational Standards

Our COVID-19 Operational Response Playbook serves as a tactical, detailed support document for Creative Dining Leaders to use as we make necessary operational decisions. Adjustments to all service areas to minimize high-touch points, promote sanitation, and maintain social distancing have been made.

Supply Chain

Creative Dining is posting signage throughout the serving and dining areas to keep everyone a safe distance apart and remind them of safety protocols such as hand washing. K Dining Staff members are equipped with personal protection equipment and the latest advice and resources. Our task force continues to monitor the latest developments daily so that we can respond quickly and swiftly. We monitor our supply chain daily for the availability of a consistent supply of safe food items.

Focus on Food & Service

We will continue to deliver innovative, exceptional, food and service, offering fresh menus and variety tailored to diner preferences. In the midst of necessary changes, we’ll ensure that the diner’s need are met, and diner satisfaction is attained.

Ready and Prepared

Creative Dining will continue to be vigilant and informed of safety measures, and we will endeavor to be responsible and timely in making and communicating decisions as our plan may evolve.

Bottom line: we got you. We have the expertise and resources to meet today’s umprecendented challenge of serving you delicious food safely today and everyday. it’s a time for all of us to expand, refine our approach, rethink dining and up-level our standards.

Thank you

While we wouldn’t choose this predicament, we are invigorated to respond and meet the challenge of delivering and enhanced dining experience with delicious food using the highest of safety standards.

Thank you from all of us at Creative Dining Services for your trust and confidence.

We appreciate you- our valued diners.